Ladies what lunch . . .

I'm the little one in the middle, Cindy to the left and Judy to the right

I’m the little one in the middle, Cindy to the left and Judy to the right

Earlier this year, I went to London to meet up with Judy Bennett from Guurbi Tours and Cindy Eve from 3 Days In London. Judy was over for Christmas and New Year from Australia and we didn’t get to meet up last year, so made a point of putting dates in the diary that weren’t to be moved!
We met up at Covent Garden and found a lovely restaurant in King Street to sit and be ladies what lunch :-)  The restaurant was with the African Centre and was called Poolof Pot. Great place, great food and great atmosphere. The three of us would all recommend it.

The sites of twitter and facebook led us to meet up and become friends. Social marketing is a very powerful tool and the travel community is just delightful.  We are indeed fortunate to meet many of our colleagues in this industry of ours.  And that is the difference between the UK and Australia – here we can arrange to meet and do so, as the distances are not prohibitive  But later, when we were travelling in Australia, Judy had returned home to Queensland, there was no way we could work it out to meet up. Next time.

The most comfortable bed in Australia

IMG_0446Travelling around nine countries in eight weeks is just an incredible experience. The different cultures and people; the amazing food and the thrill of actually seeing landmarks and scenery you’ve only ever seen in books. After South East Asia, our next destination was Australia.

We stayed at Mint Rhapsody Melbourne Apartments in St. Kilda Road, which we had booked through City Base Apartments. Having stayed with City Base Apartments in London, it seemed the ideal solution for Melbourne – and it was soooooooo good for lots of different reasons.  The location was great, the trams ran along the St. Kilda Road, it had a restaurant adjacent to the block and there were other choices on the opposite side of the road, the team of people there was great, the apartment was really good and, best of all, it had the most comfortable bed in all of Australia, perhaps even the world!

IMG_0437When you’re travelling to different cities, even countries, every two or three days, your body gets incredibly tired after a while. Adrenalin keeps you going but when you stop to rest, it all catches up with you.

On our first night at the apartment, we slept right through until the late hours of the next morning. Felt so refreshed, it was wonderful. The next night was the same, and we were so relaxed, we actually didn’t want to get up the third day! The bed was so incredibly comfortable that I actually unmade it so I could look at the label on the mattress! Strange, I know.  The manufacturer was Australian, of course.