AllSaints – customer focussed

A great experience for the Good Vibrations page – and one without any actual personal contact!

All Saints Spitalfields

I’ve just ordered a shirt (as a birthday present) on-line and the whole experience has been a good one.  Website easy to navigate, purchase process simple – thank you.  E-mails of confirmation and then telling me the progress of the order ~ WoW!

The icing on the cake came this morning when I received an e-mail and a text telling me the delivery would be made within a one hour window.  One hour!  And it came eight minutes into that hour and with a happy, friendly driver, now that is superb service.

I do hope that somehow people from BT and Sky get to read this because their idea of customer service is ……… well, let’s just say it hardly exists!  BT and Sky are communication companies, unfortunately it’s never two-way.  Having had several dealings with both, they would both definitely be on the Bad Tastes page.  Weeks can pass without anything happening – seriously, it actually occurred with both companies.  Horrendous.

And as for the one hour window of someone being at your house – ha!

So thank you AllSaints – brilliant customer service.  Brilliant website, and while we’re talking about the company ~ the clothes and the retail outlets are experiences in themselves.  Exceptional company and service.