Birthday Blessings

Yesterday (Sunday 17th July)  was my birthday, something that happens on an annual basis I know!  I am a very lucky girl as my daughter, Kezia, son, Aleck and grandson, Finlay, spent most of the weekend with me. Friends popped in and the slice of birthday cake was much bigger than it should have been ;-)  I blew out the one candle and we relit it so Finlay could blow it too, to give me extra luck ~ it just keeps on getting better!  My front room is full of flowers, cards and balloons.

I thought I’d write about how the amazing world of technology impacted on the day.  On my mobile, I had some lovely texts from friends.  And I’m lucky enough to have great friends on Twitter and Facebook and that is where the wonder of today’s technology kicks in.  I had birthday greetings from all over the world ~ Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United States of America, Brazil, Iceland, Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Spain, Romania, India, Rajasthan, Bhutan, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England :-)

For any of you sitting there reading this and saying ‘So what?’; to me this is still inspiring and the fact that you can also live chat to any of these wonderful countries is wonder-full!  This has only developed in the last few years, something our children and grandchildren will, and do, take as the norm; but something that we older beings had to explore and teach ourselves.

The travel and tourism industry on these social networks is refreshingly open, friendly and sharing.  You can easily see the difference between the bigger companies and organisations who are really talking to people and those who are just paying lip service ~ but that’s for another post!

Thank you to all the lovely people who took the time to send birthday wishes, I am very grateful :-)

Britain’s Best Travel Blogger ~ episode 2

In January 2011 Zoë Dawes, aka The Quirky Traveller, won Travel Titbits’ ‘Britain’s Best Travel Blogger’ competition.  So what, I hear you say! What difference did it make? Well, have a peek!

January – winning Travel Titbit’s Britain’s Best Travel Blogger title!

February: The Lake District with English Lakes Hotels Quirky factor: tiny canon on the jetty which was used to frighten the Victorian guests – and still used today

March: Finland with Mighty Fine Company  Quirky factor: Reindeer Farmer Juhe’s collection of old fishing implements  

April: Chatsworth House with VisitEngland   Quirky factor: House & garden scattered with yellow plastic ducks – Easter hunt!

May: The Isle of Man with Travel Titbits  Quirky factor: the rather vocal Manx Loaghtan goats and learning about ‘The Peggy’ at the Nautical Museum

May: Norwegian Fjords & Waterfalls on Cunard ‘Queen Elizabeth’ Maiden Voyage  Quirky factor: the plaques presented by dignitaries in every port the ship visits and the fabulous Art Deco works around the ship

June: ‘East Byre’ Self-Catering  Cumbria hideaway with Sojourn North  Quirky factor: fresh bread for breakfast from our very own breadmaker

About The Quirky Traveller:      With a quirky take on life and travel, Zoë Dawes writes articles and blogs regularly for various travel organisations around the world. Her TV & Radio programmes have been broadcast far & wide and she gives talks on her travels, aiming to be entertaining, informative and fun.

In 2010 her blog site The Quirky Traveller was voted in the Top 10 Inspirational Travel Blogs (USA Got Saga) and is also in the Klout Top 50 Online Travel Influencers. She is part of Visit Britain’s Super Blog team.  You can find Zoë on Twitter and Facebook.

Zoë has received many invitations to go on adventures and to give talks on Travel Writing & Blogging.  The global exposure has also brought more opportunities of writing.  Zoë has also developed Travel Writing Workshops to share tips and support and she has seen increased website traffic, advertising, sponsors & PR interest.  Zoe has posted an expanded article on The Quirky Traveller.

About Travel Titbits:  By definition Travel Titbits is a pleasing scrap of anything travel inspired. The aim is to list the best travel deals for holidays, hotels, flights and cruises and send out a weekly email of the Top 15 best travel deals around. ( Find Travel Titbits on Twitter too. )  This is complemented with holiday inspiration by featuring articles, tips and advice from travel writers, bloggers and, quite simply, people passionate about travel, from around the world.

January 2011 saw the inaugural annual award forBritain’s Best Travel Blogger. The simple criterion was the winner would be the person whose piece inspired and made you want to visit the place written about.  That person was Zoë!   Since the competition, Travel Titbits has seen an increase in the number of subscribers to its weekly newsletter and a pleasing increase in the number of customers choosing the holidays on offer.