but the outright lies . . .

I have added this post onto my Thatpr site because I wanted to reiterate the danger to people, especially tourists, who aren’t familiar with our coastlines. Our coastlines are beautiful, enchanting and very dangerous in places and bad weather conditions.

As you know from what I have written before, half of the Coastguard Marine Rescue and Co-ordination Centres are being closed.  We’re an island nation I hear you gasp – why??????   Money, money, money – no other reason.

I wrote this today as a post on facebook and wanted it to have a wider audience, so here you are.

Swansea to be closedThis is Lynne Gray, @lynnerosie, writing – I have posted this on my own timeline but wanted to share my learning with you too.As someone who always looks at the world with a large degree of optimism, I have learned some very valuable lessons since being involved with the wonderful and caring people of @Coastguard_SOS.
One is that I would always like them on my side, their integrity is unassailable, their loyalty is unquestionable and their strength of character is invincible. The guys and girls I have had the privilege to meet from the Coastguard both during the last three/four years and at Liverpool this last weekend are the best of the best. I salute each and every one of you.
Two is that politicians and government departments and government agencies lie, distort the truth and cover up on anything they do not like. I know I am safe in saying this because I can present so many proven examples that cannot be refuted. I have been horrified by what I have learnt whilst dealing with this Government and its Ministers, The Department for Transport and the MCA – Maritime & Coastguard Agency. There is no democracy once the government has made a decision – absolutely none.
Gagging orders, disciplinary procedures and termination of contracts were the way they have dealt with this whole affair. There is no leadership, leadership is shown by people who respect those they work with. Disrespect and disregard were what the Coastguards were given.
The arrogance and the patronising were unbelievable, but the outright lies . . .