Cambodia ~ proud and gentle people

DSC01030The recent Cambodian election, of 28th July, has shown the huge rift that has grown in the country between the long serving and politically ambitious Prime Minister Hun Sen and the Cambodian people. Yesterday, Reuters posted this article; “Opposition vows mass protest over Cambodian election deadlock”.

Although Cambodia is a democracy, Hun Sen has ruled the country with an iron fist and has put himself in a very powerful position. Sadly, he is more of a dictator than a Prime Minister and has lost much support because of his actions in granting land to foreign companies to make use of; without any thought for the Cambodian people living there. They are being evicted and given nowhere to go. The youth of the country want a fairer country, not one that has a huge divide between the vast majority of the population and the rich of the Cambodian Peoples Party (CPP).

IMG_0150This week is Indigenous People’s Week and the people want their country back. The land grab has both appalled and angered them, and has led to a resurgence of the opposition to the CPP.

We went to Cambodia earlier this year. It was a country where we found happiness and wonder. Where the people were generous with their time and their pride in their country. Where we would happily return.

This current situation is so completely different to what we experienced, the feelings must be running very high.  The ‘real’ election result will be announced on Thursday.  After all this country has suffered, we can only hope it will go in favour of the people.