Cambodia ~ haystacks and happiness

When I was young, oh my goodness, I should say younger, sounds better, I used to love seeing all the haystacks in the farmers’ fields.  They always made me think of summer, sun and fun. They’ve disappeared from view in the UK and have been replaced by great big ugly black plastic wrapped bales – nothing happy looking about them!


This year we went on a big friendly giant adventure #BFGAdventure and we found them.  They’ve been there all along – in Cambodia.  We were on a coach from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and were already in a state of pure wonder and bedazzlement, having spent the previous day at Angkor Wat.

Suddenly everyone on the coach looked out of the window to try and find the source of me screaming, ‘Oh look, look, look!’  And there they were in all their glory – haystacks! The houses are very simple and built on stilts and next to them or in front of them were these conical shapes. Happy days.


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