In the rain and the wind, I’m dreaming of beaches

Looking back

This post has been spurred on by being part of the Trippando’s and Travel – Moments in Time’s contest about the subject, Beach. Outside the rain is beating down and the wind is blowing, standard weather for the UK in January! Time to dream of the sun and beaches. I still have two or three posts to write about Barbados and how beautiful the beaches were, so here goes!

The view of the beach at the Hilton Resort that greeted us when we stepped onto the balcony the evening we arrived was just lovely. There has always been something magical about a beach, be it serene with beautiful sand, or wild with rugged rocks, walking barefoot in the sand is just wonderful. I’ve not stepped on such white sand before and the colours in the sea ranged from turquoise to deep blue.

On one of the days there, we walked along the beach to Bridgetown and this is the view looking back to the Hilton. Small cotton wool ball clouds floating serenely across the blue sky. And everywhere there is joy.  It’s a wonderful life.


The first prize in the competition is a week’s stay (with b & b) at the Hotel Acacie on the island of Elba.  Now that does look good!

Elba is another small island that is proud of its history, tradition and the nurturing of nature; and has benefitted from the comfort and tools provided by technology. Definitely one on the bucket list!

Click on the following links for more information –

Trippando’s ( and Travel-Moments in Time’s ( blogs and to the Acacie’s web (

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