Barbados – Saturday with Gene Kelly & Sunday with Satchmo!

I am still in a state of wonder at actually being on this beautiful island, we arrived on Friday evening.  Saturday dawned not as a beautiful sunny day with cotton-wool balls of clouds but with a sky that was completely grey.  And, guess what?  It rained all day!  And when I say rained, woah, it came down in bucket loads! Of course, all the locals had umbrellas, it was just us visitors who walked around as if we were all auditioning for wet t-shirt competitions! The pic on the left is taken from inside a restaurant, where we stopped for lunch and our only place of shelter!

Other than this, we sang and danced in the rain with Gene Kelly! Just love that song :-) The temperature was fine, it was just wet and if you’re dressed for the rain, t-shirt, shorts & flip flops, then you can have a wonderful time. We walked into Bridgetown and we walked back, with taxis beepings their horns at us every few minutes and asking if we needed a lift. The look on their faces showing their disbelief in these strange people wanting to walk! It continued to rain for the day and evening, the Hilton being a great sanctuary!

Sunday morning did not disappoint, it dawned with a beautiful glow everywhere, yes!  Oh my goodness, the different hues of blue in the sea, from turquoise to deep, deep blue. I could get used to this! We had nothing planned, so stopped at the concierge desk to chat about what to do. We struck gold with Pauline, what a star! So much to do and, as the old cliché says, so little time to do it! Pauline recommended we go for lunch at Lobster Alive as on Sunday lunch times they had a jazz band playing. That was one of the best recommendations we could have been given, and, luckily, there was one table that wasn’t booked! The team working there was great; helpful, professional and so friendly. As for the food, suffice to say that my diet has been blown to pieces! Gorgeous! And then the band started playing, oh my, but they were good ~ bass guitarist, trombonist, keyboard player, drummer and vocalist/steel drum player. Lunch is served from 12 noon until 4 p.m. and I guess we were there most of that period. During one of the breaks, I was emboldened to ask if they would do a Sam Cooke number.  This pic is the vocalist singing ‘You Send Me’ – oh, and I was, it was beautiful, my favourite singer & song of all time, done with a jazz twist. What made the whole experience even better was you could see the joy the guys were getting out of playing together. That’s the word that comes to mind when thinking of Barbados, JOY!  And when they sang ‘What A Wonderful World’, the words seemed more vibrant.

Fortunately, they’re playing again on Tuesday evening and we’ve already booked the table! How can you beat good service, good food, good music and joy???????

2 thoughts on “Barbados – Saturday with Gene Kelly & Sunday with Satchmo!

  1. Oh what a fabulous article Lynne – your joy at being there takes me with you! Would have loved to hear that guy sing to you ‘You Send Me’ … and can just imagine you both singing & splashing in the rain :-)

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