Sing along . . . Oh, we’re going to Barbados!

Today is a momentous one for me – ‘tis the first time I am fortunate enough to be going to Barbados AND the first time I am flying with Virgin Atlantic. The lovely girl at checkout, (I think her name was Carlita, she was from Portugal) managed to sort out the fact that my friend, Tim, and I had separate seats.  Yes!  I got a window seat; I was so excited, but what I didn’t know what row 42 was positioned above the wing!  Heigh ho.

Delightful, smiling girls as the cabin stewardesses, and the food was okay.  Was an hour into the new Woody Allen film, ‘Midnight in Paris’, when suddenly a passenger announcement came on to say the entertainments system was not working properly and so they had to reboot it, would be about half an hour. These things do happen. Back on and fast forward to where it had been interrupted – oops, not for long, blank screen again.  Loading, loading, loading  . . . please wait. Reading fonts . . .  please wait.  Verifying configs . . . please wait.  Uh oh, a blank screen again!  It did come back eventually and I  managed to watch the end of the film and went on to use up quite a few tissues watching the film ‘The Help’!

Finally we arrived to be greeted by a series of fabulous Malibu Rum posters; the first of which said, ‘Welcome to Finland . . . only joking!’. Ha! I immediately thought of the lovely Zoe, The Quirky Traveller, when I saw that. J  Quite a wait to be checked through customs and then caught a taxi to the Hilton.  My Aunt Selina had said that she stayed at the Hilton when visiting Barbados many years ago and there was a tree in an atrium growing up in the middle of it.  Not there now though, the hotel was knocked down and completely rebuilt in 1999.

The Hilton is, as one would expect, very plush, and we had greetings from so many friendly and professional personnel.  The room is gorgeous and this is the view that greeted us as we stepped onto the balcony, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

So far we have met Swaine and the lovely Cheryl from the team at the hotel; both definite assets to the
Hilton.  More to come . . .

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