Blogging ~ it’s the latest fashion!

Everyone is doing it ~ blogging that is!  I am, writing this post!  You can happily wile away hours reading different blogs.  Earlier today I had a LinkedIn request which led me to the blog,  Written by John Wilson, he decided to up sticks and travel with no specific destination, just travel!  But then what better way to live your journey though life ~ learning about different cultures and countries, making new friends and discovering something new every day ~ remind’s me of the title of James Stewart’s film; It’s A Wonderful Life.  John’s blog is good and easy to read.

I follow many blogs, it’s an eclectic mix.  Some of my favourites are the travel ones, naturally (with beautifully shot photographs), Matthew Teller’s ‘Quite Alone‘, Andy Jarosz’s ‘501 Places‘, Evelyn Hannon’s ‘Journey Woman‘, Abigail King’s ‘Inside The Travel Lab‘, Dave’s, ‘The Longest Way Home‘, Simone Falvo’s ‘Wild About Travel‘, Zoë Dawes’ ‘The Quirky Traveller’, Laura Porter’s ‘About London‘, Melvin Boecher’s ‘Travel Dudes‘, Keith Jenkins’ ‘Velvet Escape‘, Janice Waugh’s ‘Solo Traveler‘ and so many more.

And then there are some blogs where the writing is so boring, all factual or just plain negative, it’s awful. But this is just my opinion! When you write about travel, you are the eyes of the reader ~ your words can motivate people to actually travel to the country you’re writing about.  You have to be able to make that person walk alongside you on your travels, to be inspired, to want more! I read yesterday that to be an expert in what you do, you have to spend at least 10,000 hours on learning all about the subject, that is one heck of a long time!

There are plenty of websites that will give you tips and pointers, but I firmly believe in the Chinese saying ~

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.

Zoe Dawes of The Quirky Traveller and Mark Elliott of Better Photos are giving you the opportunity of being involved and immersed in a workshop on writing and photography. The workshop is on 8th October 2011, that’s less than a month away.  But if you love travelling and finding wonderful, magical places, then this course is for you. Not only will you take away expert knowledge, you will be doing the course at Leighton Hall, one of Britain’s beautiful country houses and set in a stunning location.

Zoë Dawes has the deserved title of ‘Britain’s Best Travel Blogger 2011’ and always enjoys looking out, not for the norm, but for all things quirky!  That is what makes her writing so special ~ it comes alive. That’s why her website is listed as number 5 in the Top 25 Travel Blogs 

Lanthwaite Woods In Autumn ~ The Lake District

Mark Elliott is passionate about photography and believes, as I do, good photography adds such a plus to a blog post. It gives the ‘WoW’ factor!

Good writing and good photography will lift your blog up there with the best of them.  Book your place now!

The price is £175, excellent value & includes a light lunch and a free copy of ‘The Quirky Traveller Travel Notes’.

To book, contact Zoë:     01524 735715       or

10 thoughts on “Blogging ~ it’s the latest fashion!

    • Wishing you every success with the Writing & Photography Day at Leighton Hall ~ the venue is absolutely stunning :-) And indeed, roll on WTM!

  1. Wow, Lynne, thanks for the mention! Hope the workshop goes well – do you know if there’ll be an online version/recap? Many thanks, Abi

  2. We follow some of the same: Evelyn Hannon’s ‘Journey Woman‘ (Though she once referred to us as a ‘4RT’), Melvin Boecher’s ‘Travel Dudes‘, Keith Jenkins’ ‘Velvet Escape‘. Good stuff.

  3. Thanks for this post LynnRosie – it is good to get reminded to be passionate about what I do, writing about travel! I am passionate, but so often the work of blogging means that end in site is just to press the publish button and get it out of the way for another week and get on to all the other ‘jobs’ that are waiting. Also in travel there is sometimes so much information that I can find it hard not to just list it all down and be more like a guidebook than a blog – some of the other blogs you list are indeed inspiational and I frequently enjoy them!
    Thanks once again

    • I agree with you Kate about the challenge of keeping blogging from becoming simply a litany of places visited, slept in, or eaten at. But there’s plenty of room for all styles of writing and the important thing is to find your own voice and concentrate on developing a personal ‘style’.

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