Where does travel & tourism start?

There’s a whole wide world out there but, by making a bucket list of all the countries we wish to visit, do we miss what is around us on an everyday basis?  Yesterday, my lovely friend, Margaret, and I pointed the car along the road and ended up in Olney in the shire of Buckingham. It is only ten miles away and yet we went through some gorgeous little villages and saw England’s green and pleasant land.

Olney is a gorgeous market town and most of the buildings have been saved from the 60s and 70s destruction of our towns and villages, and are from the eighteenth century.  It is a very popular place to live and the prices of the houses reflect this, but the atmosphere of Olney and the friendly people there, make it a place where people want to stay. At one time, the main industry of the town was lace making and the picture to the right shows The Lace Factory, which is now a private residence.

We found a little path between the buildings which took us to the road that runs parallel with the main street. Such lovely houses and, for me, a fabulous surprise!  We came across a specialist workshop for Aston Martins!   As we were walking, we saw a DB5 parked, and then a DB6 and then, even more!  Heaven for me as an Aston Martin enthusiast from the year dot ~ I’d gone round the factory in nearby Newport Pagnell a few times and watched the amazing people hand building those cars.  This is me standing next to the DB5, and what a car it was, in superb condition and a classic example of David Brown’s design expertise and good old English workmanship.  I did offer to move it for the guy, but he declined my kind offer and drove it himself ~ heigh ho!  As the guy said, it is easy to save up (well, for some it might be!) and buy an Aston Martin, but the hard, and very expensive, part is keeping it in tiptop condition.

Enough of my drooling and back to Olney!  We went into Teapots which is a quaint little teashop, near the Village Cross. The food is all baked on the premises and comes from Mrs Beeton’s and other wonderful old-fashioned cookbooks. The pic is the afternoon tea but we opted for the cream tea, which is scones, jam and cream, with a pot of tea ~ all extremely delicious.

Wandering around, we went into several hand made furniture shops, oh to win the lottery, and some divine dress shops :-)  We were very good though, well nearly, I bought a skirt and Margaret bought a pair of shoes. There is so much to see and do, but perhaps Monday is not the ideal day as the William Cowper Museum was closed and is definitely worth a visit. William Cowper and his friend, John Newton, wrote the hymn “Amazing Grace”.

Guess the answer for where travel and tourism starts, is right outside our front doors!  We had a great day and I’ll have time to work off the cream tea before my weekly weigh-in on Thursday evening!

2 thoughts on “Where does travel & tourism start?

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