Britain’s Best Travel Blogger!

Travel writers and bloggers play an important part in today’s on-line information highway.  Travellers can get first hand information on what to see & do in virtually every country on this wonderful planet of ours and their cultural experiences.  Travel companies, organisations and tourist boards are looking to these people to share their experiences of new destinations, hotels and other travel related activities; hopefully in a positive way.  This allows them to engage with a new audience of savvy on-line travellers and holidaymakers in new and exciting ways.

Earlier this year, Travel Titbits ran the inaugural, annual competition to find ‘Britain’s Best Travel Blogger’. The mission, should you have chosen to accept it, was to answer the question, briefly; ‘Can you have a Great British weekend on a budget?’

The competition brought in many entries from the British travel writers & bloggers and the winning entry was from Zoë Dawes : .  Zoë’s entry was about where she knows and loves, Cumbria.

Discover ‘a very fecund witch’ at England’s 3rd biggest Stone Circle, Long Meg … Savour a delicious organic lunch at truly quirkilious Little Salkeld Mill … Meander alongside the sinuous Eden River and explore eccentric Captain Lacey’s 18th century sandstone caves … and marvel at what the Romans did to stop the Scots coming oe’r the border at atmospheric Hadrian’s Wall …. All this, and so much more, off-the-beaten track in the Eden Valley in gloriously quirky Cumbria.

Zoë loves ‘Quirky’!  She explains it as about seeing life from a different angle, looking at things from all sides, finding the unusual, the interesting, the fascinating. It’s about quality combined with reality, it’s about being curious about everything and wanting to know more…  Zoë gives talks and radio chats, run workshops and writes on a wide range of travel topics, she is also an official Visit Britain Super Blogger, but this was the first time she had ever entered a writing competition!

Zoë was thrilled to win the prize of £250 to create your own blog trip, anywhere in the UK. She has decided to revisit a favourite holiday destination from childhood – the Isle of Man.  The Blog Trip starts tomorrow, on 8th May 2011. Follow the hashtag #TTblogtrip on Twitter to share any tips or ideas with Zoë whilst she is on her adventure.

What is Travel Titbits?  By definition Travel Titbits is “A pleasing scrap of anything travel inspired”.  Travel Titbits was dreamt up over a couple of glasses of sangria in the Mallorcan mountains in 2009. It started from a love of travel and the thirst to inspire others to explore new and exciting destinations. The aim is to list the best travel deals for holidays, hotels, flights and cruises and send a weekly email of the Top 15 best travel deals around, to subscribers.

We’ll be following Zoë on her travels and will keep you posted :-)