Greenwich, the beginning of time!

Two weeks ago, I went to Greenwich for the day.  It was a glorious sunny day; I was with Anna Pollock and we had gone to see her lovely daughter & hubby, Kat & Jon.  We drove down from the shire of Bedford and went through some wonderful parts of London; such a vibrant and fascinating city.

After a delicious Sunday Roast lunch and a suitable digesting period, we went for a long walk; it was a gorgeous, sunny day.  Kat and Jon know the area well so took us through the roads to Greenwich Park. What a treat, this oasis of green, decorated with nature’s colours of the rainbow, so near to the centre of London.  Greenwich Park covers over 182 acres and is beautifully cared for.  There were many people there enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  Lovely to see so many families playing and laughing.

Near the centre of the park is the Observatory, which was designed by Sir Christopher Wren.  It was commissioned by King Charles II, who was exceptionally interested in science. The meridian line, which separates the eastern and western hemispheres, and which is where Greenwich Meantime starts from, runs through the centre of the Observatory.  We are so lucky in this country, the history we have and the heritage we can look to. I wonder how many people who live here can say they have visited each and every shire in the land.

At London 2012, Greenwich Park will host the Olympic and Paralympic Equestrian competitions, plus the combined running and shooting event of the Modern Pentathlon. It’s not particularly popular with the locals and you can understand why really.  They will lose this precious resource for quite a time and Greenwich will be heaving. However, for the Olympics, Greenwich Park is just perfect ~ what better than the horses being in a Royal Park which was created when the equine beauty was the only horse power!

Go to the top of the hill and look over the majestic landmarks of London ~ the magnificent dome of St Paul’s, Sir Christopher Wren’s most famous building; the Gherkin; the Shard and many more.  The past, the present and the future.