WTM the journey home ~ with detours!

World Travel Market ended on the Thursday and we all left together when we had finished packing everything away. We stopped at The Fox on the walkway out to the tube and had a well earned drink, well the others did, I declined.

Left about quarter past six and got my luggage from the Custom House Hotel, where we had stayed. Anna had left earlier as she had a very long journey home. Goodness, I had picked up a lot of brochures and paperwork but had balanced it well in my suitcase, a bag I tied onto the case, another bag over my shoulder and a final one to carry. Off I toddled to the platform to get the Docklands train to Bank. From there, I would change onto the Northern Line to St Pancras, and from there home. Not long now :-)

The sign at Custom House said that lifts at Bank were not in service, oh well, never mind. Got to Bank and waited til everyone had gone through so I could slowly make my way up the escalator. And that’s when my detours started! About 6 steps up, my case decided to slip back a step, when it went to go further, I tried to stop it. And stop it I did ~ by falling and holding it back with my left leg! Luckily, lovely people rushed to help – a young girl stopped the escalator after I asked please could someone bang the stop switch and then two helped me up – ouch!

That was another first – never stopped an escalator before, not in all those years I had lived and worked in London in my wonderful, if slightly misspent, youth! I was walked to the office of the TFL personnel, wondering why everyone coming off the next train was staring at me. Everyone was so nice, I wish I had got the contact details of the young girl and the man who had helped me so that I could thank them. The first aid people who came down were amazing – and I found out why I was being looked at – apparently I had 4 escalator track marks on my right cheek that were bleeding profusely. And the station supervisor was sure I had broken my wrist – oh joy!

Two of London’s finest paramedics appeared on the scene and escorted me up in the lifts (yes, they were working after all!) to the ambulance. I walked because I certainly was not going to sit in the chair they brought down – they put my luggage on that! My detour took me to University College Hospital in Euston Road – the nearest to St Pancras for my convenience, how good was that? I was booked in at A & E and asked to wait outside the X-ray department. What a busy department, the nurses and doctors were marvellous and patient with everyone – and there certainly was a mix of different people there. The first girl I sat next to told me she had punched a wall and broken her hand, adding that she had a drink problem which hadn’t helped. The next had a personal problem that didn’t sound at all nice!

My turn now and by this time my wrist was all swollen and turning a nice plum colour, come to that so was my face, or so I was told! X-rays completed, I took my place waiting for the results. Called into a small room, I was informed my wrist was broken in 2 places and I needed to have a plaster cast on my arm. I was permitted to charge my blackberry’s dead battery whilst waiting; so I thought as it was now nearly 10.00pm, I ought to call Kezia, my daughter, and Aleck, my son, as there were texts from them saying; have you had a good time? where are you? do you want picking up from the station? etc. I still thought I could catch the train home but Kezia was having none of that and said she would be at the hospital as soon as she could – wonder where she gets her stubbornness from?!

Pic taken by Doc for posterity!

I was lucky enough to be seen by a superb specialist facial doctor, who made me go back to X-ray to check that my cheekbone wasn’t broken and, thank goodness, it wasn’t; he then proceeded to try and get my contact lens out of my swollen & nearly shut eye! Chuckle, he said that was one of the most difficult things he’d done. Dressing done, with a warning that it may scar, and Kezia has arrived with her friend Nina.  Back to a cubicle for the plaster to be administered and arm put in a sling and then advice and leaflets given to me before leaving at just gone midnight.

Kezia was taking me back to stay with her so off we went on Western Avenue to join up with the M25 – that was the final detour – the junction we wanted was coned off, so had to find alternative route!  Stayed with my beautiful daughter, being thoroughly spoilt, until the Sunday. The next day I looked as if I had been in a rugby scrum, the whole of my right side, head to toe, was varying shades of blue and purple! Finlay was very quiet when he first saw Grandma but then he walked over and gave me a kiss on my left cheek and a big hug. At home my son, Aleck, kept popping in to make sure all was well.  I am very lucky to have such loving, caring children.

A huge thank you to the people who helped me, the TFL personnel, the Ambulance guys and the wonderful Doctors and Nurses at UCL.

One thought on “WTM the journey home ~ with detours!

  1. Oh Lynne – you poor thing! Better take more water with it next time ;-) Empathise esp re that contact lens… nasty things to get out. So that must be cramping your style – and before Christmas too :-(

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