Personal Relationships

The PR in thatspr represents personal relationships rather than public relations.

The personal relationships you build with your clients can spill over and you become friends as well.  Great for a working relationship – you trust and respect each other as well as liking each other.  I have been very fortunate here and word of mouth recommendation has been good to me.  Anna Pollock has been a client since 1995 and is also a wonderful friend.  Anna is the person I most admire in the travel and tourism industry.  She has such integrity and is not in the ‘old school network’ that is still around.  What she is, is a woman of her word, a true visionary and someone who was writing papers on subjects, that are now being discussed in 2010, nearly ten years ago!

It’s the same with social media, you connect with someone on twitter, facebook, linked-in and other sites and you begin to build a relationship.  The people you connect with best are those with shared values, interests and aims.  I have met some amazing people through this medium.

Last year, at World Travel Market, I met some of the travel writers and bloggers on twitter and facebook.  What a treat that was, all even nicer than I had thought they would be.  Since then I have met other delightful people and some have turned into true friendships.  The personal relationships you develop have a bearing on your outlook and it is so true about keeping company with those who uplift you.

In two weeks time it is World Travel Market again – I love it!  And I am going to meet so many more travel-lovers this year as well as catching up with old friends.  The people, opportunities, networking and knowledge that make up World Travel Market are not to be found anywhere else.  It is THE event in our industry!

You may not actually see some people from one year to the next but the friendships and comradery are sincere.  The personal relationships are kept alive through the year via social media and the hugs are saved until you see each other again – how wonderful is that?

It is very much like horticulture.  A garden that is well tended, looked after, weeded and loved is the same as a personal relationship – the more you put into it, the more you get out of it!


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