Social Networking: Do not say hello

Most people have experienced social networking, from facebook to twitter to linked-in and many more.  I’ve always said that the most important people in a company are the ones who have contact with customers and clients.  So it would follow on that the people tweeting, etc, for companies have the same affect on personal relationships and experiences.

This morning on Twitter someone posted that one of the no-no unwritten rules of Twitter was that you do not say Good Morning!  It brought a lot of retweets onto the screen, all disagreeing with the statement.  I was one of them!  When you meet someone, the first words are a salutation to greet the other person.  That’s called being sociable ~ so surely social networking should follow the same course of action?  The communities I am lucky enough to be in on Facebook and Twitter are extremely friendly, intelligent, witty and sharing.  You log on and the feel good factor soon comes.  And if people feel good, the communication, collaboration and co-operation is something that everyone wants to be part of.

It’s good to talk (I’m sure I’ve heard that tagline somewhere before!).  Happy people mean positive thoughts and better results ~ whoop whoop ~ it really is a win-win situation.   And it begs the question as to why a lot of companies are just posting statements with no interaction at all with anyone else.  You cannot build relationships talking at people; these are built by talking with, and getting to know, each other.  The rules haven’t changed, the scenario may have, but it always has been, and always will be, all about people.

When the relationship is built and the mutual respect is there, anything is possible!