What Twitter means to me

Another beautiful morning ~ life is good :-)

I joined Twitter on 22nd July 2008 ~ a late starter.  Twitter tweets are like Campbell’s soup – condensed!  It makes you focus on the important information you need to get across in just 140 characters.  Sometimes this can be a challenge but you can always paste a link.

I’ve found out so much since I have been on Twitter, it is an amazing tool for communicating.  Better than that, it is wonderful to broaden your circle of friends and business contacts.  It’s always a privilege to meet new people and the fabulous thing about Twitter is, you DO get to know people on-line.

I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the people I talk with and every single one has been as I thought they would be ~ warm and witty, interesting and intelligent, fun and friendly and, most importantly of all, there is already an established relationship there.  Twitter brings out the real person.  Oh, I suppose you can try to impress and be as someone else, but the truth will out.  You cannot maintain long term relationships without being yourself, and that is what Twitter is all about.

People are what make the world go round, people are who we choose to be our friends, people are who we work with, we play with, we confide in, we trust, support, mentor, share with and enjoy the company of.  I am really grateful for the friendships I have made ~ I feel privileged.

So thank you Twitter, for being the best news channel, a font of information, a source of inspiration, a medium to connect for collaboration & business and a wonderful place to make new friends.

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