A huge bouquet to the NHS

Yesterday I had an appointment at Milton Keynes Hospital to have a strange looking mark on my body checked. My appointment was at 10.50 and I came from my daughter’s home in Buckinghamshire.  What I hadn’t realised was, I had left my wallet at Kezia’s house ~ grrr!

I’d not been to the hospital before, my local one is in Bedford, but the map on the letter was a good one, so no problem there.  The challenge when I got there was what to do about parking when I had no money!  I stopped near the multi-storey car park by outpatients and asked a lady who was pushing a trolley (think it was tea rather than a body!) where I could ask someone about parking.  This lovely lady gave me the £2 needed to park for one hour and would not give me her name so that I could somehow reimburse her.  How absolutely wonderful was that?  Thank you so much mystery lady :-)

Next to the appointment.  The Doctor I saw was friendly, knowledgable and sympathetic, couldn’t ask for more and the nurse was just lovely.  And the result was wonderful, it was nothing sinister! Great news for a New Year.  I was given leaflets explaining everything and what to do in the future.  And, I got back to the car park 2 minutes before my time was up!  Happy days.

Thank you Milton Keynes Hospital for an enjoyable experience and for the lovely people I met there.  The NHS at its best :-)

(Originally posted on 06.01.10)

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